Video Demonstrations

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Typhoon Technology Explained

The Typhoon

As a trenchless technology, the unit is inserted into the open pipe. The Typhoon operates around a switching valve at its centre. The Typhoon pig is propelled forwards in a pipe by pressurised water through rear facing jets to the target area.

Once the target area is reached the valve is switched remotely so that the pressurised water is expelled though fan jets on cleaning manifolds arranged circumferentially.

The pipe wall is then cleaned ideally in a single pass as the Typhoon is drawn back towards the launch point. The switching facility between propulsion and cleaning can be carried out many times during this operation which means sections of pipe can be cleaned several times if necessary, or left uncleaned, during a single operation.

The cleaning system is fully adjustable, with water pressure controlled on the Wiedemann truck, and the manifold angle of attack, fan spread angle and distance of fan jets to the pipe wall adjusted on the pig set up.

All water is is filtered, recycled an reused.

Angles and Bends

The Typhoon pig has been designed to traverse multiple pipe bends as severe as 1.5D – 90 degrees with a minimum crash bore of between 10%-20%. The Typhoon can clean very ‘difficult’ lengths of pipe:

The Typhoon has been used to clean a 200m pipe length that consisted of six 45 degree bends and two 22.5 degree bends with the bends alternating between vertical and horizontal planes.

The Typhoon has also succesfully spanned high level bridges, and negotiated vertical sections of pipeline, once considered impossible.


Propelled by the Wiedemann & Reichhardt water re-cycling trucks the Typhoon system has been used to clean lengths of water mains of 600m in both directions from a single point of entry.

Our team are industry experts, with a wealth of applied experience in the field of trenchless technology and water board projects, both here and abroad.  Pipelines can be surveyed and cleaned to the highest standard.