Hydrascan System

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Pipeline Cleaning Services

Hydrascan are a forward thinking company, and the Typhoon range is constantly evolving to meet the specific demands of this niche market.

If you have an industry-specific problem with pipeline cleaning, talk to us and let's see what we can come up with. 

Designed to solve the problems of water mains cleaning and surveying, the Typhoon Jetting System achieves impeccable results in a shorter time frame, requires less support on site and radically reduces costs.


  • Speed - 1.5 m/s
  • Flexibility - 6 - 60 inch diameter pipes
  • Eco-Friendly - all water filtered and reused
  • Cleaning Results - Exceeds standards demanded by the DWI
  • Range - Over 1km from a single access point
  • No additional winching machinery
  • Non abrasive
  • No settement tanks

*Standard Typhoon Range (6-60 inch diameter pipes)

*Transformer Typhoon - pig will collapse and expand remotely to access pipes of varying diameters

*Hi-Pressure Typhoon - in end stages of testing, this 5000psi Typhoon will remove the heaviest of scaling and encrustation

The technology enables the pig, which is hydro powered, to switch between propulsion and cleaning operations. The angles for cleaning and the amount of pressure applied when cleaning is variable and controlled remotely. This allows for both a safe and thorough clean of any pipe wall. This is particularly evident in our demonstration video, which shows cleaned pipe adjacent to the uncleaned section of pipe.

Balfour Beatty are delivering the AMP 5 water programme for the client United Utilities  covering the north west of England, as part of that programme have a number of high level strategic water projects that required three large diameter aqueduct  trunk mains taking out of service to rehabilitate to improve water quality to the northwest region.   

  • DEE 72”main 16km through challenging terrain
  • Manchester ring main 54” &40” two key aqueducts supplying all the Manchester region in urban built up areas and off road terrain land.
  •  Rivington 900mm main positioned in water treatment works and cross country 

Kilbride services were procured to support Balfour Beatty in achieving the high pressure water jetting of these mains so we could meet the demands of the regulatory dates set by offwat to the client united utilities. The areas that we identified on the projects as unachievable and high risk using our conventional cleaning allowed Kilbride’s using the specialist Hydrascan Typhoon system to assess the work locations to clean large lengths of the mains from single access positions with little disruption and reduction in accommodation works providing us with cost savings back to the project.
The technical support provided during the development phases of the project gave us certainty in achieving the cleaning lengths across all three projects given that the large size of these mains required new jetting heads to be developed which Kilbride’s did with little doubt producing jetting head systems at the forefront of innovation.    
It was a refreshing change to work with Kilbride, who demonstrated fully their capabilities competence and professionalism at all levels from site based operators to the senior Managing team. I would have no hesitation in procuring Kilbride’s services for any future large diameter trunk main cleaning.   

Michael Murphy
Construction Manager
Balfour Beatty 

This method of cleaning water mains is well suited to to an urban environment, with its ability to travel and clean bends while requiring little plant for its operation. The water recycling feature certainly contributes to the low-carbon footprint.

Stuart Tilley (Northumbrian Water)

...we both thought it was a very effective way to clean trunk mains

Dave Rogers (Welsh Water)

During trials in the UK, results have proven the ability of Typhoon to set new standards for drinking water quality. This impressive level of cleaning ensures that water quality will remain within allowed limits for longer than any other system currently available on the market.



Our newest development, the Typhoon Systems are used to clean water mains and are currently being used by Kilbride Industrial Services Ltd on a large Northumbrian Water contract.

Various different types of technology enable the Typhoon Systems to clean pipes ranging in diameter from 8 inch to 49 inches. The technology is effective and achieves high levels of cleaning (which are measurable) across wide ranges of pipe types including concrete lined, asbestos cement, bitumen and PE lined.

The technology enables the pig which is hydro powered to switch between propulsion and cleaning operations. The angle of attack and pressure applied in the cleaning is all variable and controlled which allows for a very safe thorough clean of the pipe wall. This is particularly evident in the final stage of the demonstration video which shows cleaned pipe adjacent to unclean pipe.

Because the technology is powered by water jetting a single point of entry enables ranges of up to 450 meters to be achieved in each direction from a single point of entry giving distances of up to 900m between excavations.

Observers of the cleaning process have consistently remarked on the fact that a single vehicle is required to operate the system and the speed at which the cleaning can be achieved.

Dave Rogers of Welsh Water after being onsite wrote ‘we both thought it was a very effective way to clean trunk mains ..’.

Because the Typhoon pigs are powered by water jetting the pigs are able to pass round multiple bends and bridges. This led to Stu Tilley of Northumbrian Water to comment that ‘the method of cleaning water mains is well suited to an urban environment with it’s ability tto travel and clean bends whilst requiring little plant for it’s operation. The water re-cycling feature certainly contributes to the low carbon footprint.