Current Projects

  • Contract 1 (completed)
Seymour Civil Engineering. This involved cleaning nearly 46km of mains water pipelines from Whittle Dene WTW to the West End of Newcastle, with diameters ranging between 200mm (8”) and 1200mm (48”). 

  • Contract 2 (completed)
Seymour Civil Engineering. A complex 15km of mains cleaning that included the Redhaugh and Tyne Bridge crossings. The first of the bridges required a 520m length cleaned from one access point, including an 18m vertical section. With the Tyne Bridge crossing, 700m required jetting, but great care was required due to the delicate condition of the pipe lining.

  • Contract 3 (current)
Morrison Utility Services. With nearly 8km successfully cleaned, from the west end of Newcastle to Gosforth, there is 2-3km of pipeline remaining.

  • Contract 4 (current)
Seymour Civil Engineering.  Running from the west side of Newcastle to the east, via the city centre, approximately 3km of cleaning has been completed. There is a further 23-24km of pipeline to clean.

Contract 5 (due to start)
Morrison Utility Services. This contract is due to start next month with approximately 6-7km of mains pipeline cleaning. This contract will include another Tyne Bridge Crossing.

Recent Projects

The latest innovations within the Typhoon range includes the Transformer Typhoon, a cleverly engineered system that allows access and successful cleaning within pipes of variable diameter.

This was recently employed by Balfour Beatty Utility Services to clean parts of the Dee Main and the Manchester Ring Main. Cleaning mains of diameters up to 182.9cm (72in), accessed via narrow access points, meant that this version of the Typhoon had to expand in the pipe when switched to cleaning mode and be remotely collapsible when the cleaning operation finished. 

We are happy to arrange a demonstration for interested engineers and contractors. 

Future Projects