TYPHOON CLEANS DIVERSION PIPEWORK IN ABERDEEN Scottish Water delivery partner Caledonia Water recently appointed Kilbride Environmental Services to clean a new 1200mm diameter cement lined ductile iron pipe using their Typhoon Trunk Mains Cleaning System. This diversion pipeline was required to allow construction of the A93 bypass and this work formed part of the commissioning procedures.  The 220 metre section consisting of pipes with push fit joints and including several bends varying in magnitude from 12.5 to 45 degrees was successfully cleaned in under 4 hours.
The Typhoon system offers outstanding trunk mains cleaning whilst using only small volumes of water due to the recycling facility on our vehicle.  It is possible to clean up to 1km of pipeline from one access point using only one tank of water (13m3).   This gives substantial environmental benefits as it reduces water use and vehicle movements which minimises the overall impact of our works, limits our carbon footprint and provides a sustainable pipeline cleaning solution for clients.