Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the range of the system?
Range is dependent on the number of bends which have to be negotiated, the more bends and the more severe the bends the shorter the range. On relatively straight runs ranges of 450 meters plus can be achieved. If there are for example 8 bends to navigate this may fall to 200 to 250 meters. This is also dependent on the size of the pipe, generally bends have less effect in larger diameter pipes.
 Does the system damage the pipe linings?
Definitely not. The pressure, the angle of the jets and the distance of the manifolds from the pipe wall are all controlled variables, so that the system is set up to achieve maximum cleaning performance without physically affecting the pipe lining. Additionally because the system works on an umbilical basis compared with a winched system there is no sawing effect on bends in the system when the hose passes round the bend.
 What sizes of pipes and pipe linings can the system deal with?
Essentially the system can clean all lined and unlined water pipes. The set up will vary with the lining type, being more or less aggressive as appropriate. In terms of pipe diameters the system so far can range from 6 inch to 72 inch. It may well be possible to clean larger diameter pipes but to date the Hydrascan engineers have not been required to build very large pigs.
 Can the system survey pipes?
Some on board surveying has been carried out using the pigs, however clients generally require independent pre and post surveys. Our sister company Kilbride Environmental & Industrial Services utilise the long range Rico System (600m range).
 How well does the system clean?
In short – extremely well. We know this because of tests carried out by Northumbrian water where pre and post cleaning water quality was sampled. Tests carried out in 2007 showed final corrected water quality samples in micro grams / litre of 1 for Aluminium, 29 for Iron and 6.3 for Manganese against maximum permitted concentration values of 200, 200 and 50 respectively. When examining pre and post CCTV surveys it is clear visually that the pipes are extremely clean compared with the condition prior to cleaning.