Mains Water Pipeline Cleaning Specialists

An industry leader in the field of pipeline rehabilitation and water mains cleaning projects, Hydrascan was established as the innovative arm of Kilbride Environmental & Industrial Services, with a specific remit to enhance water mains cleaning technology within the water industry.

The team at Hydrascan worked with a University research team and engineers to finally develop the Typhoon system, winning accolades with both the ISTT and UKSTT for the innovative engineering and clever design.

Since first appearing withing the water sector, the Typhoon has gained recognition within different industry sectors as an effective tool that gets outstanding cleaning results without harming the pipes themselves.

This has proved particularly useful within the pipeline rehabilitation sector where pipes need to be cleaned to a high level pre-cipp.

Hydrascan will happily accomodate interested parties who wish to see the Typhoon in action, and ask questions, with our on-site demonstation facility.

Engineers, operations managers and water industry executives have all taken the opportunity to scrutinise the equipment at our facility, which incorporates a transparent length of pipeline for full visual assessment.